About Me

I am a doctoral degree design student in the University of Nottingham with an architecture background, currently based on the China campus due to personal reasons. My current research focuses on the interplay between sketches and mental imagery, particularly at the early design stage. Indonesian-born, with great enthusiasm for architecture, photography, flying quadcopters, baking, travelling, road cycling, camping, scuba diving and triathlon. Had the opportunity to study in Indonesia and United Kingdom, and work in Singapore for a few years.

This page is intended to be a collective platform of my work and passion: architecture, design research and photography in a haphazard way. I like the idea of freezing some ideas and see how they evolve from time to time. I merged my previous platform: 1) Blogspot of my master’s projects and  2) my Tumblr page of the early stage of my PhD study.

Please view my Linkedin for my resume and a complete list of publications (academic and non-academic). Here for a glimpse of my ongoing research. Other links (Flickr, Instagram and YouTube) are available at the right side of the page. Other social media and messenger platform, search for me using my first and last name. Click here for an article about my life in China, featured in Ningbo Focus November 2017, a monthly bilingual magazine in the Bo.

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