PGCHE CRJ Week 2: Reflections and reflective practice

1. What have you learned this week about reflection and reflective practice? How did you learn this?
Reflections are useful to improve teaching practice. It can be explored through reflections of our own experience and other colleagues’.

2. What have you learned this week about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?
These incidental matter occurred and observed during teaching practice has fundamental effects of students through the act of self reflections.

3. How has your understanding changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?
Reflections are beneficial not just for educators, but also for students and institutions.

4. What has challenged you?
Finding a systematic analysis to conduct a meaningful reflective practice. Through my peers, I learnt that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and I believe it is a growing practice.

5. What has surprised you?
Learning from peers provides a strong analytical baseline to inform our own reflective practice.

6. What has this taught you about your strengths in your practice?
Ability to response quickly to a problem, which then any positives and negatives reflections need to be recorded immediately for future purpose.

7. What actions might you take to further develop your practice?
A template which I use for basic self-reflections. Draft of template as follow:
Class’ details (time, place, about the module, aim and objectives of the session, number of students, etc)
Issues arising
How I dealt with the issues
What would I do differently
Additional remarks

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