LA in Urban Context: D2.1- Discussion 2.1


D2.1: How do these roles achieved in the Parkroyal on Pickering project?



Adopted from Rinaldi Bianca, M. & Tan Puay, Y. (2019). Introduction: Landscapes and Densities. Urban Landscapes in High-Density: Cities, Parks, Streetscapes, Ecosystems.

☐Medium and means for adapting cities to climate change

☐Infrastructure for supporting water resources management and stormwater treatment

☐Spaces for various strategies:

  • Food and energy production
  • Protection for biodiversity
  • Reduction of noise and air pollution
  • Improving urban microclimate and outdoor thermal comfort
  • Promoting public health
  • Creation of more equitable and inclusive environments , as cities become more socially fragmented and stratified

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