PGCHE CRJ Week 4: Reflective Teaching Practice & Learning Conversations 2

I should preface this reflection by saying that I have not yet delivered the 20- minute micro teaching session, so what I am reflecting on below is largely hypothetical and based on my contemplation of potential issues. It will be amended once I have delivered the session.

1. What have you learned this week about face-to-face teaching practice in HE?
I have learned while preparing online materials for my module and guest lecture that I struggle a little with oral delivery. I tend to speak quickly and quietly and I anticipate that unless I allow for this in the face to face session, my students may have difficulty following me.

2. How did you learn this?
This was from listening to my own voice on my recordings, several of which I had to re-record. A family member also commented on this.

3. What supported you to do that?
It was possible to re-record audios, but in the actual 20-minute session, I will ask my students at the beginning to prompt me if I am speaking too quickly.

4. What have you learned this week about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?
I am now more understanding of student needs, and have given consideration to the productive nature of tasks.

5. How has your understanding of this changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?
I have learnt a lot from the forum posts of my fellow participants in this course, and the exchange of information and discussion have proven invaluable.

6. What has challenged you about doing this?
Accepting other ideologies and viewpoints. It’s easy to become fixed in one’s thinking without external engagement.

7. What has surprised you?
Some of the techniques employed by my fellow participants, particularly those involved in completely different areas from my own. It’s interesting to see which techniques are portable.

8. What has this taught you about your strengths in your practice in supporting student learning?
I have always been student-focused, but this week has challenged my ideas about what that actually means. I believe I have improved in this area.

9. What actions can you identify from this that you could take to further develop your practice of supporting student learning in face-to-face teaching in the future?
Interactivity between tutor/ student, and between students, should be one of my focuses henceforth. I am interested to find more practical ways to facilitate this.

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