Week 2: Welcome

Hi all, here is our Week 2 materials. This week we look at historical background of digital architecture to be able to scrutinise the proliferation of digital design tools. I have compiled decade-by-decade key events and influential figures. It is hoped that once we looked backward we will understand how designer can tap into potentials of technology in the past, to be able to critically inform the future.

There is no embedded audio in this week’s material:

NBU_Digi_W2_Final_No Audio

Links to discussion are as follow:

Discussion 1: https://miatedjosaputro.com/2020/03/04/week-2-discussion-1/

Discussion 2: https://miatedjosaputro.com/2020/03/04/week-2-discussion-2/

Make sure you sign in to both discussions, which will mark your attendance this week.

Supporting materials are as follow, others please refer to references on the ppt slides:

The Fun Palace

The Architectural Relevance of Cybernetics

Man-Computer Symbiosis

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