PGCHE CRJ Week 6: Reflective Teaching Practice & Learning Conversations II

1. What have you learned this week about face-to-face teaching practice in HE?
From other peers’ teaching practice, I learnt that a clear structure of session is really important. I also notice that my peers are very confident on delivering materials, which I find myself lacking at. Students engagement is also issues which are always occur, and lecturers should be equipped to deal with this situation impromptu. Bloom’s taxonomy is also a useful scheme to reflect on our teaching practices.

2. How did you learn this?
From peers’ micro-teach session, the learning conversation forms of my own micro teach sessions and my peers’ review on my session.

3. What supported you to do that?
The draft of the learning conversations and discussions in the online forum related to mine and others also supported the decision. During webinar also I made an executive decision that I needed to create my session in Indonesia, where I am in lieu of online learning I am currently involve in.

4. What have you learned this week about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?
Although session is carefully crafted and planned, it is important to have a back-up plan in terms of materials, activities and also IT issues. Re-iterating LOs at the end of session also seems to be a good practice.

5. How has your understanding of this changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?
Developing a reflective practice is a good way to improve our teaching skills, as well as documenting strategies which work and did not work for future reference.

6. What has challenged you about doing this?
Being over criticising my own practice I think it is pretty normal, however I should not dwell on small details and focus on a big picture on how I can improve my teaching skill.

7. What has surprised you?
Peer’s review on my session (which I thought was not good) appeared to be in contradiction with my personal observations.

8. What has this taught you about your strengths in your practice in supporting student learning?
I have a clear aim in mind and good method of delivering the LOs.

9. What actions can you identify from this that you could take to further develop your practice of supporting student learning in face-to-face teaching in the future?
In terms of execution, I am still lacking of the skills. I hope by practicing and reflecting it will be improved.

10. How well do you think you have achieved the stated learning outcomes for this week? Is there anything else you could do to achieve these?
I think it went OK. The stated learning outcomes could have been achieved with better preparation, but due to my unique circumstances, I think it went as well as it could.

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