Week 3: Discussion

Input materials for discussion is as follow:

FABRICATE 2017 excerpt, page 286-293: The Armadillo Vault.

BRG link: https://block.arch.ethz.ch/brg/project/armadillo-vault-venice-italy

Virtual walk through can be accessed through this link: https://www.zitronenwolf.com/rundgaenge/projekte/161123_ETH_BlockResearch/index.php

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/w6PPGqVp4EA


How does dialectics between academia and industry exhibited in this project?

How did the conversation between academia and industry in design stages contribute to advancement of the project (and design field)?

As usual, leave you thoughts in the forum at the bottom of this post. If (only if) you have problems submitting it, send it to me via email with the format: DG_W3_D_Student ID_Name. 

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