Week 4: Welcome

Hi all, on this Week 4 we will be reflecting our learning experience for the last three weeks. Firstly I will collect your thoughts which you have kindly submitted every week and provide week-by-week summary. From here we draw a common understanding of what we understand about digital architecture. Subsequently we will be looking at theories, concepts and models of digital in architecture. I think it is really important to pause and reflect on what we have learnt so far to bring us up on the same level of understanding.

Note: If you don’t agree with the summary, feel free to leave your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

Here are the materials:

DG_W4_Theories concepts and models_Part 1 low
DG_W4_Theories concepts and models_Part 2 low

And here is the link for discussion:


Link to our collective glossary as mentioned on the ppt as follow:


Supporting material(s):

The Pedagogical Meanings of an Experimental Mock-up of bla

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