PGCHE CRJ Week 8 (Week 7 was a reading week): Assessment & Feedback I

1. Consider what you have learned about your own and others’ practice in supporting student learning from doing this week’s activities.
I’ve come to appreciate a little more about the intricacies of assessment, particularly the link between LOs and assessment, and validity/ reliability of assessment instruments. The surface approach vs deep approach has also made for interesting reading.

2. What have you learned this week about formative and summative assessment and feedback in HE?
Formative assessment constitutes assessment of learning, whereas summative assessment is mostly diagnostic and aids in the learning process.

3. How did you learn this?
From Bloxham and Boyd (2007), also from my own experience.

4. What supported you to do that?
I followed the recommended reading, and reflected on my own experience as both an educator and a learner.

5. What have you learned this week about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?
The crucial role of summative assessment in the learning process.

6. How has your understanding of this changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?
I now have a more theoretical background to support my anecdotal experience.

7. What has challenged you about doing this?
The logistical issues of assessment in online courses, brought about by the pandemic. The lack of second marker as I am the sole facilitator of this module.

8. What has surprised you?
“Cue seeking”, i.e. learners’ motivation being instrumental- to pass assessments.

9. What has this taught you about your strengths in your practice in supporting student learning, through formative and summative assessment and feedback?
That my “instincts” were largely correct, and supported in literature.

10. What actions can you identify from this that you could take to further develop your practice in formative and summative assessment and feedback in the future?
I need to think a little more about inter-rater (or inter-marker) reliability, as I am the sole tutor on this module.

11. How well do you think you have achieved the learning outcomes for this week (found in the Introduction section)? Is there anything else you could do to achieve these learning outcomes for this week?
As mentioned previously, I am an early-career educator, so I think more practical experience in the field- as many of my peers have- would be invaluable.

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