PGCHE CRJ Week 9: Assessment & Feedback II

1. To what extent do you think you have achieved each of the learning outcomes for this week? If you think there is room for you to achieve these more fully, how could you do this?
Reflecting on giving and receiving feedback is an interesting quick discussion this week. I had thorough look on the brief for second assignment and questions were noted, for the webinar. Outlining and rationaling the new assessment strategies I am a slightly confused about.

2. What have you learned this week about formative and summative assessment and feedback in HE?
They should be designed to test whether students have met the criteria in relation to the learning outcomes. They are deployed differently, and formative assessments ideally help to build on the formative assessment.

3. How did you learn this? What supported you?
From the digital resources, in particular “The Handbook for Teaching and Learning”.

4. What have you learned this week about the practice of supporting student learning in HE?
As daunting as assessments for students, it is also a big task for lecturers to make sure that fairness, consistency and reliability are achieved.

5. How has your understanding of this changed from doing this week’s topic and activities?
Nothing major as reading list is pretty much a continuation from previous week.

6. What has challenged you?
Thinking through in detail about the assessment that currently I am doing, and writing the rationale in words. So far it has always been in my head only and I have not externalised them.

7. What has surprised you?

8. What has this taught you about your strengths in your practice in supporting student learning, through formative and summative assessment and feedback?
I can put myself to learners’ shoes and think about how would I like to get my learning process assessed.

9. What actions can you identify that you could take to further develop your practice in formative and summative assessment and feedback in the future?
Related to feedback and they should be constructed and given to students.

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