DigiArchSpring2012: Three Initial Concepts- Movement

20120223_design concepts20120223_design concepts20120223_design concepts
A  bridge contains series of movement:
the changeability of users’, its surrounding’s (nature) and the bridge’s itself (from design ideas until construction stage).
According to ‘The poetics of movement in architecture’ by Michael Schumacher, there are four parts related with movement:
movement + speed
movement + form
movement + mass
movement + sound
IDEAS OF MOVEMENT as a common idea for three schemes
the study of the phenomenon of development of organisms centres in three constructive processes:
source: Tzonis, A and Lefaivre, L. (1995) Movement, Structure and the Work of Santiago Calatrava. Basel: Birkhauser
1. growth
2. morphogenesis
3. differentation
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DigiArchAutumn2011: A Glimpse of Final Design



3d Rapid Prototyping experience


The 3d Rhino model in scan data 3d model (surveyed by Terrestial LIDAR Scan Survey done by Dr. David Strange-Walker from Trent and Peak Archaelogy). Images of apparatus can be found in the module’s blog: http://digitalarchitecture2011.blogspot.co.uk/


18 January 2012 (The Final Crit).

The time had arrived, the final design. It’s only a few pages of my entire portfolio which I thought might describe the design at their best.

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