Milan Expo 2015

I had the chance to see the six months expo. A celebration of architecture, culture, food and people. Under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, the Energy of Life”, the expo exhibits 145 countries’ culture in self built pavilions and grouped pavilions. Full list of participating countries are here. ArchDaily did a roundup about the top 5 ones, here.

Top 5 pavilions in my opinion are:

1. UAE


2. Brazil


3. Vietnam


4. United Kingdom

mexpo19 mexpo21

5. Ecuador


Feel free to have a quick look of my Flickr for more pictures! One thing I regretted, did not bring the wide 17-40mm lens due to the weight. I had the GoPro Hero4 Black for some wide photos, but it is not a substitute of the wide lens. And too fish eyed too!

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3d Printing Pen


photo courtesy of: Lix.

Lix, the sleek 3d printing pen which let you doddle in the air! It looks like a pen and a successor of the previous (and first) 3d printing pen, 3Doodler. Having it all handy!

A throwback and also can be found in my old post, I had some great experience in 3d prototypes when I was doing my master’s degree, in different scale (1:150 and 1:500).

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DigiArchSpring2012: The Final Decision

0 design framework copy

9 May 2012.

there you go, another final decisions.. wish the design can still be improved here and there, but that won’t happen, will it? i have selected some of my favourite images from my portfolio booklet, although bits and bobs are not perfect.

i would like to thank my tutor Chantelle Niblock for the tireless support, all contributors from the very beginning ( Nicole Porter, Owen South, Martin Knight, Ho Yin, Darren Robinson, John Chilton and Sean Lu) and my studio peer group.





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