Introduction to Parametric Design

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Hi all, thank you for your kind help. As you might aware, this session is part of my PGCHE (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education) assignment. It is a British Teaching qualification course I am taking with Falmouth University, UK.

We will be exploring a rather different teaching and learning concepts, flipped classroom and blended learning.  If you are curious, flipped classroom is a concept related to the shifting of the onus (responsibility) from facilitators to the students. Blended learning involves the use of online and offline materials and environment.

Date: 11 July 2020

Location: Virtual and IAMET218 (UNNC)

Time: 11am-12pm and the pre-classroom activities as below


  1. Watch the three podcasts, please see the links below.
  2. Do the short quiz (3 minutes top to fill in), link can be found below.
  3. Look for group assignment
  4. Prepare a group oral presentation (2 minutes each group of two- so one minute each person)



      • PODCAST 1 OF 3

Podcast 1- YouTube link:

Podcast 1- Youku link:

      • PODCAST 2 OF 3

Podcast 2- YouTube link:

Podcast 2- Youku link:

      • PODCAST 3 OF 3

Podcast 3- YouTube link:

Podcast 3- Youku link:


Link to the short quiz is as follow,


Will be communicated through Wechat. Depending which group (from 1 to 3) you are assigned, please prepare a group presentation based on the input text you are given.

Input texts are as follow:

TOPIC 1- Historical perspective: Topic 1 A History of Parametric

TOPIC 2- Types of parameters: Topic 2 Parameters

TOPIC 3- Scripting (see page 38-41): Topic 3 Scripting


Please communicate with your group member to arrange the two minutes presentation. It is suggested that each one of you prepare a minute presentation, with agreement with your group member.



Powerpoint slides can be found here: PGCHE W5 Parametric Design final low.

In-class peer assessment link:

Learner’s feedback on Flipped Classroom approach:

Hybrid F2F and virtual class footage:

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PGCHE EDU710 Assignment 1 Practice Class: Materials

Due to the fact that I am unable to record my students in China (as we started the semester on distance learning) with the support of friends and family; I am recording a session in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Here are the slides:

PGCHE teaching practice slides low

And here are the supporting  materials:

Group 1

Group 2 

 Group 3

Link to the peer evaluation, click here.

Online forum discussion can be found at the bottom of this page.

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DEEP Initiative in UNNC

DEEP (Design-Engineering-Engagement-Practicality) initiative is a year long project in University of Nottingham Ningbo China, during academic year 2019-2020. The first semester includes hands-on workshops delivered by contributors, guest talks and second semester will entail facilitation of projects development. Towards the end of second semester, 10 selected projects will be exhibited in a public exhibition. The initiative is open for all undergraduate students.

The initiative is led by Dr Sannia Mareta and I am taking part as an external contributor. Mainly I contribute on delivering design related skills and mentoring.

Supported by 1920 Small Teaching and Learning Development Grant.


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