Master LA: Welcome

Hi all, here are the materials for Week 2 Landscape Architecture session.

1 of 5 Master LA_Introduction

2 of 5 Master LA_Walker

3 of 5 Master LA_Gustafson

4 of 5 Master LA_Valkenburgh

5 of 5 Master LA_Discussions and closing

Supporting materials:

Landscape as architecture


In the first part of session, we will be indulged with design precedents designed by the three master landscape architects and their teams. Second session is structured with discussions, please follow the related link and join the online form at the bottom of each post. Input text related to each landscape architect can be found in their respective group’s link.

Discussion 1: After reading an interview of the landscape architect group you would be assigned, discuss about his/her approach to design.

Assigned group can be found here:

D1.1 Group 1: Peter Walker, click here

D1.2 Group 2: Kathryn Gustafson, click here

D1.3 Group 3: Michael Van Valkenburgh, click here

Discussion 2: After reading the other two groups’ discussion, draw your own conclusions about typology of landscape design practice.


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LA in Urban Context: Welcome

Hi all, welcome to the guest lecture in Landscape Architecture, entitled “Landscape in Urban Context“.

This page is where you can find and download all the materials. I have split them into six pdfs (with embedded voice-over). They can be opened in Adobe Reader, make sure you read them in sequence to avoid confusions:

1 of 6 – LA Urban_Introduction low

2 of 6- LA Urban_Case Studies 1 Part 1 low

3 of 6- LA Urban_Case Studies 1 Part 2 low

4 of 6- LA Urban_Case Studies 2 Part 1 low

5 of 6- LA Urban_Case Studies 2 Part 2 low

6 of 6- LA Urban_Closing low

A couple of heads-up:

  1. Enable your 3D content so you can play the embedded audio.
  2. Read instructions on first page of “1 of 6-LA Urban_Introduction low” to operate the pdfs

Supporting materials can be downloaded here:

Links to the discussion are as follow:

  1. D1: Roles of landscape in high density urban context, use guiding questions. Click here.
  2. D2.1: How do these roles achieved in the Parkroyal on Pickering project? Click here.
  3. D2.2: How do these roles achieved in the Gardens by the Bay project? Click here.
  4. D3: What are the considerations to be able to transfer the strategies to another context? Click here.
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