Architectural Design 3: Live Schedule

W/C TOPIC SUMMARY WED PM (2:30-3:30PM) LECTURE WED PM                            (3:30-5:05pm) FRIDAY PM                                            (2:30-6:05pm)
06/09/2021 WEEK 1 Introduction and typology of library Lecture 1: Introduction to the module Design precedents analysis Design precedents presentation on Miro
13/09/2021 WEEK 2 Site options Lecture 2:                                        Site information and analysis                                  Urban analysis Working on two site options (tutorial) Guest Lecture: Chris Hardie
Tutorial re two sites
20/09/2021 WEEK 3 Final design brief Chosen site presentation and Design brief tutorial Final design brief presentation, followed by tutorial
27/09/2021 WEEK 4 Conceptual design Concept development tutorial Holiday (no class), make up class on October 6th (Sunday)
04/10/2021 WEEK 5 Conceptual design (Recorded) Lecture 3: Circular Economy in Architecture Concept development tutorial (holiday but class as per usual) Concept design presentation and tutorial
11/10/2021 WEEK 6 Design development Lecture 4: Sketches Design development: tutorial Lecture 5: drawing workshop, followed by design development: tutorial
18/10/2021 WEEK 7 Spatial quality Model making and design development: tutorial
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