AD3 End of Semester Online Portfolio

Click here to see students’ individual design exhibition with an Augmented Reality experience and link to their online portfolio in Issuu.

This free site needs vipiennn, if you cannot access this, I have uploaded a screen recorded video to show briefly how they look like, including the AR experience from a phone.

About the module

Hello from Ningbo, China! Architectural Design 3 for third year architectural students at the international program of Ningbo University, China. Method of learning is still fully online (synchronously) due to Covid-19, unfortunately. The general brief of this studio project is to design a library with a total area between 2000-2500sqm. Individual site and more elaborated design briefs were constructed by learners themselves, allowing nine library design which (hopefully) are fit into their unique (and self-defined) contexts and purposes.

Module convenor: Dr. Mia Tedjosaputro

Module facilitators: Dr. Mia Tedjosaputro and Fin Church

A throwback of our learning the last 17 weeks:

Welcome Notes in Miro
Week 1-3 Miro progress
W6 lecture delivered by Fin
W1-W6 Miro progress
W7 lecture
W7-13 progress on Miro Board #2
Final Crit’s Miro Board on W14, in conjunction with 5 mins live presentation and 15 mins recorded presentation


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