AR experience: KALA Batik


Batik illustrates the use of traditional hot melted wax and natural dye pattern making. Here is our previous article on batik (click here). In this AR experience you will find four types of pattern, one classic pattern (Parang Batik) and three KALA’s own design. KALA’s series are pandemic-related patterns.

  1. Parang Batik is one the oldest basic Indonesian batik patterns. Parang has the meaning of advice to never give up, very relevant to our pandemic circumstances. It also depicts a relationship that never breaks, symbol of a picture of family continuity between parents and children.
  2. Social Distancing Batik, our own KALA design. The dots represent humans social distancing. During the pandemic, we are connected organically in clusters which represent our immediate family and extended social circles (represented by the circles).
  3. Lock down Batik, our own design. The story of being in lockdown for a long time causes the inner circle relationships to be tighter than ever, and it is bordered with lines that represent social distancing with extended family and friends. It also makes some tangential connections with the edges and forms a strong structure that is extended and repeated throughout the pattern.
  4. Disruption Batik, our own design. This pattern is a tribute to the pandemic era that defines our generation’s story. The forms depict:
    1. Sun shaped objects: Covid 19 virus has a unique shape that defines the core of the pattern.
    2. Three layered circles: Represent the never-ending evolution of covid variants.
    3. The wavy tendrils: Define the disruption of the spreading of the virus. As a whole, the pattern defines its own story of our generation in the pandemic era, and shows both the dark, negative aspects and the light, positive ones.


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