Seven Iconic Bamboo Structures with Hyperbolic Lattice Tower- AR experience

These 3D models were generated roughly from drawings which are available online (from IBUKU’s website, ArchDaily, etc), from photographs found online and Mia’s own photographs when she joined BambooU Design and Build Intensive course in 2019.

1: Three Mountains, Bali (2006)

2: Aldo’s kitchen, Bali (2007)

3: Kindergarten classroom, Bali (2008)

4: Heart of School, Bali (2009)

5: Sharma Springs, Bali (2012)

6: Princess Tower, Bali (2019)

7:Dragon Kitchen, Bali (2022)

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Update 4: Completed Bamboo Pod 2

A gif each day’s milestones as follows:

18-23 July 2020.

Danshan Chishui, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China.

Sponsored by Aksen (China and Indonesia), in collaboration with Weishun Xu from Zhejiang University.

Our keen designers and makers are:

Jiang Yating
Chen Wu
Sun Xintian
Chuchu Qi
Yang Ruitong
Shen Jingli
Haiqing Yang
Xia Miaojun*
Feng Liyang
Li Ningyuan*
Fan Zeran

Facilitated by 3 lecturers:

Weishun Xu- Zhejiang University, Matt Wallwork- University of Nottingham Ningbo China and Mia A. Tedjosaputro- Ningbo University.


Computationally designed by ZHU team and crafted manually by the keen makers. We are framing the research questions on potentials of mixed reality in architecture to aid design and construction processes. Derived from the observations of two bamboo pods construction (for first pod, click here), the aim is to contribute on the area of computational bamboo architecture.

Photographs courtesy of Sun Xintian, Yang Ruitong and myself.

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Hololens 2

One of this year’s highlight, managed to get hold of Hololens 2 headset for our mixed reality research. I have mapped up the research agenda in computational bamboo architecture for the last year or so and Rafael and myself have been working on the emulator since the beginning of this year. Excited!

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Update 2: Completed Bamboo Pod 1

Just a quick update on the bamboo sitting pod #1, our trial exercise. Four of us (Zheng, Maxine, Matt and I) completed it in two days despite the heavy downpour. It was completed faster than we planned. The structure stays there as the owner would like to keep it (we planned to take it down straightaway), hence temporary structure support stays for redundancy.

Before we launch the second construction this month (July 18th), here is a gif of the first pod encapsulating the process. And some paps of the final pod.

Sponsored by Aksen (China and Indonesia).

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