Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2016

The transitory event building was designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and was opened in June 2016, in Kensington Gardens, London. For the last sixteen years, each year, bespoke architects were invited to design the pavilion. When I was in the UK for nearly six weeks during summer break, I had the chance to witness this piece of brilliant architecture. Such a pleasurable experience to be inside the pavilion, looking out. Or sitting on the patio looking into people queue-ing for beverages. I sat with my flat white, immersing the sun and my mind wandered around watching people do their own thing. Be it as contemplative as me; having a quick catch up with friends; or business meetings or supervising their children.

Other links:

Serpentine Gallery’s site, click here.

Dezeen video, BIG and Fiberline reveals the manufacturing process, click here.

P_1030737  P_1030741 P_1030744 P_1030747 P_1030749 P_1030750 P_1030751 P_1030752 P_1030755 P_1030756  P_1030740 P_1030761


Other casual photographs from my 2016’s UK trip can be found on my Flickr. Bye for now.


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I hope you are all enjoying your summer, wherever you are. Here are a couple of recent 360s pictures from the hot and humid Ningbo and surrounding. 360s are edited using PT Gui. Embedded YouTube video is a 360 video taken last weekend while cycling through nearest mountains, not far from the university. Total cycling distance was about 60km, 450 vertical meters. Stay hydrated!


20160322_212221 Panoramaed low


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Shortlisted: The Library Photo Competition 2016

A wee of fun, I submitted three photos and joined the university level photography competition for the first round. Apparently I got shortlisted for the second round, with another 19 students. After submitting another three pictures, one of last three was selected to be voted. Unfortunately it’s a Wechat (the Chinese social media, or mainly used in China) vote. Anyway, I think it’s fun enough to see my photograph there 🙂 Jolly exciting.

If you want to vote in Wechat, scan this QR code. Please cast your vote before 11 May 2016 midnight, Ningbo time.

library competition

The rest of the pictures are what I submitted, am sharing them with you. As you might observe from the pictures, I am not the best casual photographer with the best technique. I am more of capturing the moment with whatever device I have in my hand. The theme was related to campus life. Taken using different cameras, some were taken from the quadcopter with Hero4Black dangled on the quadcopter, EM1, EOS30d or a GM1.

Mia Tedjosaputro 2nd submission_3lw


Mia Tedjosaputro 1lw




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Experimental photography

Matt and I did a weekend project on capturing light, shadow and motions. Facilitated by BeePhoto who let us use the studio while they were away for a photo mission in Xi’an. We meant to do this for quite a long time, just had the opportunity this weekend. Shot using Olympus OMD EM1 and GoPro Hero4Black. I have to admit, it was not an easy exercise. And that was when the fun began. Failed party poppers, split seconds to catch popping balloons and wine glasses’ disaster. Well, lessons learnt!

Slow motion video of the popping balloon is now up in YouTube (embedded).



I rarely post pictures here in; most pictures are in my Flickr (click here) and Instagram (click here).

We are assembling the F450 quadcopter specially assigned for experimental works  too, some weekend projects. Will keep you posted.









balloon shot4




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Aerial photography of UNNC

A couple of weekends ago we did some aerial photography shots using one of our quadcopters. Yes, we currently possess four of those amazing quads in different sizes. To be precise, three flying ones and one is currently out of action 🙂 We used this quad, FH410, which we also brought to Indonesia and flew him in Bali. I share some views we do not see everyday through our eyes. More of my casual photography, visit my Flickr. Click here. 

unnc loo2unnc loo!

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New project: Benches in UNNC


Today has been a glorious day, the first sunny day after the typhoon. I was wandering around campus where we live, stumbled upon some fantastic scenery of scattered benches, playful light and shadows near the staff apartments. Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, that will a next small project: documenting (bolted down) sitting spaces, particularly views from where we sit. My aim is just simple, trying to step back and appreciate those landscape furniture. I am sure they are there for purpose. The expected outcome will be a kind of sketchy map of UNNC benches and series of photographs.

Your part: if you have any particular benches you often sit on, let me know 🙂 And yes, those benches are limited to permanent benches on campus (University of Nottingham Ningbo China).

Here are some of my favourite shots today:

2- opposite of 1

1- facing staff hotel

5- facing rotunda3

3b- facing rotunda 2

9- facing big lawn 7

6- facing rotunda 4 (some only)


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Milan Expo 2015

I had the chance to see the six months expo. A celebration of architecture, culture, food and people. Under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, the Energy of Life”, the expo exhibits 145 countries’ culture in self built pavilions and grouped pavilions. Full list of participating countries are here. ArchDaily did a roundup about the top 5 ones, here.

Top 5 pavilions in my opinion are:

1. UAE


2. Brazil


3. Vietnam


4. United Kingdom

mexpo19 mexpo21

5. Ecuador


Feel free to have a quick look of my Flickr for more pictures! One thing I regretted, did not bring the wide 17-40mm lens due to the weight. I had the GoPro Hero4 Black for some wide photos, but it is not a substitute of the wide lens. And too fish eyed too!

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Pick-a-Something Purple Photo Walk

The weekend.

The weather is nice but I am injured, so am not capable on joining the morning cycle with the boys. So yesterday I had a last minute idea about going to a photo walk. Pick-a-something challenge, means I picked a colour and spent an hour hunted and papped anything with a chosen colour. I chose purple, not earth and ubiquitous colour so that it forced me to consciously kept on looking. Qingqing joined me and chose green. Taking place in Gu Luo (The Drum Tower), Ningbo. I was really impressed on how fast my eyes are able to scan objects and find THE colour. 

Here are some of my favourite shots.

purple13  purple15 purple12purple1 purple2 purple3 purple5 purple6 purple10purple14purple11

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