Crumpled chain

Mia Tedjosaputro_A3 PAPER_artwork competition

I submitted a proposal for an artwork competition, organised by the library.

The idea came on one fine afternoon, I had a chat with Matt about his surplus chain he was holding. His brand spanking new titanium chain. And I said “what can we do with that?”

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DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 3- Design Synopsis_Spatial Context and Events

1 October 2011.

Local Plan- Macro Scale. source: Ordance Survey


Local Plan- Micro Scale


Points of interest:

  • Surrounded by many focal points, there is potential to explore a space to accommodate dynamic visitor (leisure space)
  • A well known meeting point
  • A high volume crisscross path, vehicles and human movements
  • Visitors tend to drop by and have a break



Leisure Activities


There is a possibility to explore a positive space for leisure activities, by looking at its distribution. Types of possible leisure activities: Art exhibition, Art performances, talk events

Open and Green Space


Within 150m radius, there is a tendency of a possibility to create a greenery space in the midst of a high density urban site. Dominant adjacent land use is high density of three to four storeys height shop houses.

Temporary park + temporary architecture + temporary leisure activities (i.e.multimedia installation)
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