DigiArchAutumn2011: Transitory Event Building

The brief was to develop our own brief and design requirements. Site was local, in Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK; the most prominent civic plaza in Notts. 


I am in the process of importing the content of my Master of Architecture projects blog http://digarch11-miaardiatitedjosaputro.blogspot.co.uk/ . Although it won’t be a live journal anymore, I will put the date when I posted the thread. 

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design research


I treat my research project as a design project. Having a live journal to see how I evolve from time to time always fascinates me. I am not a particularly good scientific writer (having a design background and being a non English native speaker do not really help), but getting into the habit of writing will definitely helps to crystallise my ideas and thoughts. Bfn.

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