Shortlisted: The Library Photo Competition 2016

A wee of fun, I submitted three photos and joined the university level photography competition for the first round. Apparently I got shortlisted for the second round, with another 19 students. After submitting another three pictures, one of last three was selected to be voted. Unfortunately it’s a Wechat (the Chinese social media, or mainly used in China) vote. Anyway, I think it’s fun enough to see my photograph there 🙂 Jolly exciting.

If you want to vote in Wechat, scan this QR code. Please cast your vote before 11 May 2016 midnight, Ningbo time.

library competition

The rest of the pictures are what I submitted, am sharing them with you. As you might observe from the pictures, I am not the best casual photographer with the best technique. I am more of capturing the moment with whatever device I have in my hand. The theme was related to campus life. Taken using different cameras, some were taken from the quadcopter with Hero4Black dangled on the quadcopter, EM1, EOS30d or a GM1.

Mia Tedjosaputro 2nd submission_3lw


Mia Tedjosaputro 1lw




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Crumpled chain

Mia Tedjosaputro_A3 PAPER_artwork competition

I submitted a proposal for an artwork competition, organised by the library.

The idea came on one fine afternoon, I had a chat with Matt about his surplus chain he was holding. His brand spanking new titanium chain. And I said “what can we do with that?”

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UNNC FoSE Research Showcase 2014


There is an upcoming PhD students poster competition held by the faculty. Posters have been submitted yesterday and they’ll be put on boards on Friday. I’d rather call it as ‘research showcase’, because of the opportunity to talk to people and peers about research is more valid.

So yes, say Hi this Friday 25 April 2014, anytime between 9-12am, SEB (Science and Engineering Building). Please pop along if you have a bit of free time. Lil birdie says that snacks+drinks will be provided!

A quickie poster by me about my research. Bfn.

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