Call for participants (main study)

Hiya all, thanks for dropping by. I am hope you are reading this because you are interested on joining the study. Here are a couple of options you can choose to be in touch:

1. Email me here: [email protected]

2. Find me in Wechat. ID: miatedjosaputro

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the study. We had some good fun during the pre-pilot and pilot studies, this round it’ll be enjoyable too. Read more about the study here. Also kindly spread the words!

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Pilot study: still recruiting!

Hiya all, I am still recruiting participants for my pilot study. If you are UNNC’s final year students majored in architecture, product design or FoSS (Faculty of Social Sciences); and up for a bit of design session fun (yes I know yo do!). Visit . Bfn.

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