The sleek DH410 foldable quadcopter

The latest iteration my F450, it became the foldable carbon fibre DH410 frame which fits into a normal rucksack. The longish shape makes it easier to navigate around, in comparison with the F450 with its pure X shape, very light too. The general idea is to tremendously increase its portability. Matt is working on it and I cannot wait to test whether with the gimbal, we will get jello free aerial footage or otherwise. And it might be set for the spring break festival trip in a couple of weeks time, who knows.

Previous F450 set-up can be found here.

And we will have the DJI F450 frame to do some experimental work, like paintings etc! Woot woot!


One thought on “The sleek DH410 foldable quadcopter

  1. This comment is 3 years late, I’m sorry :-)
    What solution did you choose to attach a gimbal to the DH410?
    I’ve just begun to build a quad with that same frame and can’t find a solution that is both solid and quick to remove.
    Thank you!

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