PhD online program #1- Linkography: study script

Started with lengthy and laborious processes in producing Linkographs manually (using Autocad and Photoshop), I decided to seek help to have a script to automated the process. Now we have a running script for the purpose of exploration. Benefits of the script: 1) quick try and fix 2) aid the process of second rating by a second rater  3) flexible output: either we want to show the data in macro level and micro level. The output’s perimeter can be adjusted according to your needs. For instance, selecting the appropriate size of vertices and limited colour of edges. I found differentiation is useful for different analysis purposes. And on a personal note, 4) it is very helpful to explore my data while constructing a new coding scheme for my specific study.


Edit: It is already online, click here .  For input template (.csv file) please get in touch.

Linkography is developed by Gabriela Goldschmidt, link to the book is here.

4 thoughts on “PhD online program #1- Linkography: study script

  1. hi, from India. I was looking for some tool that could render linkographs, couldn’t find any. This looks promising. Could you help me sending a sample .csv file so that i can understand how it really works

  2. Dear Mia,
    I am a Ph.D. scholar at IIT Kanpur, India. Could you please send me the CSV file so that I could use it as a reference point. This tool which you have developed is really cool.

  3. Hi,
    I came across your post when I was searching for a tool to generate linkographs. Could you please share the csv file format so that I can try it out for my data. Thanks in advance.

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