The quadcopters

Both of our quadcopters are unwell at the moment, we are waiting for the new bits and bobs from Taobao! Thank you CHome Service for the Taobao support. Update: currently we have the third quadcopter, the F330.

My training quadcopter: test flight (YouTube video)

Cinta (Matt) flew it on campus today. It weighs close to nothing, 103gram in total (with the propeller guards and a tiny camera). We think it is the most sensible way for me to start with, before graduating to Cinta’s (more powerful) quadcopter. Baby steps!

Crumpled chain

I submitted a proposal for an artwork competition, organised by the library. The idea came on one fine afternoon, I had a chat with Matt about his surplus chain he was holding. His brand spanking new titanium chain. And I said “what can we do with that?”

DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 3- Design Synopsis_Spatial Context and Events

1 October 2011. Local Plan- Macro Scale. source: Ordance Survey Local Plan- Micro Scale Points of interest: Surrounded by many focal points, there is potential to explore a space to accommodate dynamic visitor (leisure space) A well known meeting point A high volume crisscross path, vehicles and human movements Visitors tend to drop by and have Read More