DigiArchAutumn2011: A Glimpse of Final Design

  3d Rapid Prototyping experience The 3d Rhino model in scan data 3d model (surveyed by Terrestial LIDAR Scan Survey done by Dr. David Strange-Walker from Trent and Peak Archaelogy). Images of apparatus can be found in the module’s blog: http://digitalarchitecture2011.blogspot.co.uk/   18 January 2012 (The Final Crit). The time had arrived, the final design. It’s Read More

DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 5- Fashion Pavilion

22 October 2011. i tried to narrow my focus down on Art Exhibition Event,  those are some potential events i considered on week 5:1. British silent cinema (http://www.britishsilents.co.uk/silent/)2. British juggling convention (http://thebritishjugglingconvention.co.uk/)3. stand up comedy4. fashion show i have made my mind up and chose an event, by looking at need and prospect  function: fashion pavilionbuilding typology: (moving) Read More

DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 3- Design Synopsis_Research Interest

1 October 2011. Green Corner in Kallio – Finland. Artist: Jon Irigoyen and Otto Karnoven Grass turf lawn was installed in a parking space creating a temporary park. Inspirations: A breakthrough symbol of relaxing break in the middle of the hectic urban space Alluring art installation to raise people’s awareness of green area Re-used turf Read More

DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 3- Design Synopsis_Definition

1 October 2011. Transitory.(adj.) 1. Having the quality of passing away; not lasting; fleeting, momentary, brief; transient.2. a. Having a passage-way, allowing passage through. Obs. rare.b. Of the nature of a passage or transition; transitional. rare. (n.)1. A transitory or fleeting thing. (Chiefly in pl.) Obs.2. a. The transverse limb of the cross-staffb. A transit-instrument. Read More

DigiArchAutumn2011: Transitory Event Building

The brief was to develop our own brief and design requirements. Site was local, in Old Market Square, Nottingham, UK; the most prominent civic plaza in Notts.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Market_Square I am in the process of importing the content of my Master of Architecture projects blog http://digarch11-miaardiatitedjosaputro.blogspot.co.uk/ . Although it won’t be a live journal anymore, I will put the Read More