14 quick idea recipes

Hiya! Slightly off topic here but I just want to share the recipes I compiled. I shared it in my social media to encourage others to share their ultimate recipes too, and do not intend to bombard my website with pictures of home cooked food. I have to do it here due to the internet great firewall where I currently live (you know what I mean!!).

Quick meals for busy days 🙂 I know we can always browse, but sharing what’s from your own kitchen is slightly different isn’t? The 14 quick recipes, click the hyperlinks. The file size is 8.74MB, might take sometime so stay back and chill :) 20160503b_14 quick recipes_Mia Tedjosaputro

Alternatively, the reduced pdf version (not recommended to read the texts) is here, 1.38MB: 20160503b_14 quick recipes_Mia Tedjosaputro_lowres

Hopefully you will find it interesting and encourage you to do yours too. Let me know!

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