Esther: Second Ningbo Local Drawing Circle July 2016

Hiya, how’s the summer break? Hope you are having a great time whenever and wherever you go. This month I would like to share Esther’s sketches last month. Bold and colourful, I have to say. In tune with the summer! All pictures courtesy of Esther. There are some available slots available, please get in touch. And don’t forget to grab Ningbo Guide.

Bye for now.

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Yasmin: Second Ningbo Local Drawing Circle June 2016

Our second sketcher, Yasmin Morgan has just completed her sketchbook turn. This young girl has been residing in Ningbo for almost three years and has a good eye for shapes and colours. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

We still have slots if you keen on contributing to this second year running’s drawing circle. Get in touch and look through what previous sketchers have done here. Stay tuned for the first year exhibition.

Bye for now.

Yasmin 7 Yasmin 1 Yasmin 2 Yasmin 3 Yasmin 4 Yasmin 6

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Ningbo Local Drawing Circle: Exhibition venue

Good news about the exhibition. After months of searching, we finally found this amazing place, in downtown Ningbo. The first year’s drawing circle‘s materials will be re-produced and exhibited, sometime in September 2016 when people is back from their summer break (including myself). Stay tuned for the opening party, and if you are keen on helping me please do let me know.  Thank you Qingqing and Amy (the owner) for touring me and Ema around. The space is undergoing a face lift and will be opened in a few days time.

I hope the first year’s sketchers and the on-going second year’s can exchange some experience. It will also be open for public, more of a get together event (with the beer garden!).

Interested on joining the second year? Contact me through Wechat (id: miatedjosaputro) or click on the Contact page. Do you want to see how does the circle work? A short video of the first book (of two) of the first circle can be found here.

P_1030056 P_1030067P_1030049

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Call for contribution: Second Ningbo Local Drawing Circle!

Hiya all, Poster Xiang is the last sketcher of the first round (and first year) of the Drawing Circle and we are approaching the end of round. We had 12 amazing sketchers and we are starting the second year straightaway, hence I am looking for 12 sketchers! Same drill, the same sketchbook will be in your possession for a month (which needs to be arranged which month) and you can draw as much as you want, anything really. At the end of month, choose one of your favourite, give a short blurb about what it represents; and it will be featured in Ningbo Guide for the second year.

Does the bell ring loud enough? 🙂 Part of Brew Drawing Circle, click here. And click here for the Ningbo Local Drawing Circle updates. Any questions please do not hesitate to be in contact via: UNNC university email system, Wechat if you have got me or drop a line to [email protected] . Looking forward to hear from you. Bye for now.


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First sketchbook video: Ningbo Local Drawing Circle

If you are curious about the last nine months’ scribbles, here is one for you. I compile a short video (in YouTube, click above embedded video- also make sure your VPN is on. link is here) about the content of the sketchbook (with the help of Matt on flipping pages). Name of the sketchers can be found on the left side of the page. We still have three absolutely amazing sketchers, so stay tuned for the second book.

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