Amo: Ningbo Local Drawing Circle January 2016

Happy new year 2016! Here are Amo’s scribbles to wish you a stunning 2016 ahead. Now we have a full first sketchbook, filled in by nine sketchers. Indeed, how time flies. Fancy having a peep? Look no further, here is the link. I hope you find it inspiring, maybe you think to start having your own sketchbook or just a scribble journal 🙂 Bfn.


amo7 amo2 amo3 amo4  amo6

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Wendy: Ningbo Local Drawing Circle December 2015

Hiya, happy new year! Oh wow, it is the 2016. Where has the time gone? I do love this season, from one festival (Christmas-New Year) to the Spring Festival (another new year!). The long break is here, I am sure you have some fantabulous plans lining up or living it as we speak! *hum along to some holiday tunes*

Wendy Ren had the sketchbook in December. Here are some sneak peek of the scribbles. I do love the fluffy dog 🙂

I am looking for an exhibition space for the doddles in Ningbo at the end of one full year, any ideas please give me a shout. Had a thought about the gallery opposite church in Tianyi OR UNNC library. Stay warm Ningbo peeps, will be sub zero degree for the next few days!

It rains a dog ed Hongkong Night edChongqing Hotpot edTiffany's new advertisement campaign ed

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Ningbo Local Drawing Circle: meet up

Hiya sketchers, there will be a meet-up with all the contributors (hopefully) to exchange stories and experience about the sketchbook. We have done the first half of a full year (milestone!), will be interesting to share your thoughts about the book. Tentative date is November 28th, please mark the date.

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Garima: Ningbo Local Drawing Circle October 2015



Above picture are Garima’s sketches in Ningbo Focus December 2015.

Hi guys, the sketchbook has been moving from one sketcher to another sketchers for half of the year. Very excited! I hope we will complete the second half of the year, and move on to Collages as Lee Prescott started this year.

Here are a few of Garima’s sketches this month, I love the vampire doodle, very Halloween-ny. Happy Halloween!

1 3 4 56

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Ningbo Focus: June 2015. The Ningbo Local Drawing Circle.

The article I envisage to get more people on board in the fun project. Written by me, edited and featured in Ningbo Focus- June 2015. It is part of BrewDrawing project based in London. Good news is that every month your doodles will be featured in Ningbo Focus. Kindly spread the words for those who might be interested. I sincerely hope to have a full year (12 sketchers) for a start. And nope, you are not secretly taking part of my research. I would have mentioned it otherwise. Purely fun and for both specialists and non-specialists!

Previous links:

Initial idea of the circle, The sketchbooks, May 2015- I started the circle, End of my sketching month- May 2015.


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