1 May 2015: starting the Ningbo Local Drawing Circle

Hi guys, hope you are enjoying your holiday. It is a glorious day in Ningbo. We planned on cycling and flying the quadcopter on mountains today and get some footage. While waiting for Matt, I started to draw on the brand spanking new sketchbooks. This month is my turn.

I woke up in the morning with our 450 quadcopter and the radio controller on the dining table. Quite an interesting shape with joysticks, switches and a display. So that’s my first couple of drawings. My personal aim is to show Ningbo to the world (the circle is the first one in Ningbo- possibly in China too actually) along with my day-to-day life and personal interest through series of scribbles. That’ll make me explore Ningbo more, downtown area and interesting places. Let’s see how it goes, shall we! For info about the circle, click here and here are the books. Bfn.

Link to other circles (BrewDrawingCircles) is here, VPN is needed though.

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