Mia: Ningbo Local Drawing Circle May 2015

Update: My favourite sketch is featured in Ningbo Focus July 2015. Page66. Stay tuned every month for other sketcher’s favourite scribbles.

Hiya guys, my turn had come to an end. I will pass the sketchbook to Karen, sure she will take a good care of it! Here are my favourites from the book.

Reflecting on my personal aim I stated at the beginning of my month, I would say it is been a successful attempt to certain extent although I will not say I have covered the whole Ningbo (nowhere near!). You will see bits of my daily life (get going with my research), personal interests and also my rambling about other stuff. Most importantly, I had fun!

Please do let us know if you want to contribute 🙂 You will have the sketchbook for a month. On your own pace and time, draw as much as you want. By the end of the 12th month, we’ll gather and talk about the sketchbook. Here for more info. Bfn!

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