Differences in Sketches and Mental Imagery in Ideation Stage of Novice Designers

Update: The most recent publication is now up in Springer. 

It is part of my ongoing PhD discussions related to the use of external and internal representations.

Abstract. Previous empirical studies in sketches and mental imagery showed that there is no significant difference in overall quality and possibility to use mental imagery as design tool. This preliminary study explores distinctions between two kinds of sessions in terms of how ideas are generated. Four design sessions of two novice designers are used to unveil differences. Based on preliminary results, physical properties of sketches underlie differences, also the availability of visual cues apart from the drawings itself. During interpretation stage, sketches provides an additional dialogue which is not available in mental imagery session. The use of mental imagery as design tool in novice designers vary and may not as effective as in experts. Pauses and gesture in both sessions are found to be fundamental designing aspects, including in environment when sketches are allowed. When crucial differences are no longer assumed, interplaying roles between the two can then be explored further.

Link to publication as follow:



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The Drawing Circle mini exhibition’s party: October 22nd

Mark the date guys, October the 22nd! I have posted about the quirky establishment (click here) which will be the venue of the mini exhibition. Lovely lovely place downtown, perched in the middle of city’s hustle and bustle. The October 22nd is the opening party, and the drawings will be exhibited for the next two weeks. Each sketchers’ selected doodles will be displayed, and there will be a couple of artists exhibiting their projects too. We might purchase some beer and finger food from the bar; and we will turn the outdoor bit into a beer garden on that Saturday (weather permitting). Stay tuned for more details.

Would like to sponsor us? Ping me.

Would like to give us a hand with the prep? Ping me.

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14 quick idea recipes

Hiya! Slightly off topic here but I just want to share the recipes I compiled. I shared it in my social media to encourage others to share their ultimate recipes too, and do not intend to bombard my website with pictures of home cooked food. I have to do it here due to the internet great firewall where I currently live (you know what I mean!!).

Quick meals for busy days 🙂 I know we can always browse, but sharing what’s from your own kitchen is slightly different isn’t? The 14 quick recipes, click the hyperlinks. The file size is 8.74MB, might take sometime so stay back and chill :) 20160503b_14 quick recipes_Mia Tedjosaputro

Alternatively, the reduced pdf version (not recommended to read the texts) is here, 1.38MB: 20160503b_14 quick recipes_Mia Tedjosaputro_lowres

Hopefully you will find it interesting and encourage you to do yours too. Let me know!

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What a 2015..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hope we will ace 2016! Happy holidays! And for you who are enjoying the festivity with your family, cherish it (with an envious tone) 🙂


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Ningbo Local Drawing Circle: meet up

Hiya sketchers, there will be a meet-up with all the contributors (hopefully) to exchange stories and experience about the sketchbook. We have done the first half of a full year (milestone!), will be interesting to share your thoughts about the book. Tentative date is November 28th, please mark the date.

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Re-post: PhD Life Vlogs

We all have been through the ups and downs. A good friend Joy Bailey sent me a link to Jobs.ac.uk’s, and I found it really helpful listening to other people’s experience. Most importantly the coping strategy. I am glad Joy passed the information along, so here I am sharing it with you. Here is the link.

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