latest evolution of the F450

The current (almost full) F450 set up, except the FPV camera, after endless of iterations and crashes. Specifications: Frame: genuine DJI F450 Flight controller: Pixraptor (upgraded Pixhawk) Speed controllers: DJI 30amp opto (x4) Motors: QXmoto 4006 680kv (x4) Props: locally made carbon fibre 1155 T-motor pattern, Tarot self locking prop adapter Battery: 5400 25c 3s Read More

23-24 May 2015: Cycling and camping trip- aerial footage and pictures

The third cycling and camping trip went really well. Selected pictures of the previous trip is here. On the trip last weekend we took one of our quadcopters, the F330. One of lots of videos is embedded (VPN is needed). Good fun, great time and fab company. Let us know if you are interested on more trips Read More

The quadcopters

Both of our quadcopters are unwell at the moment, we are waiting for the new bits and bobs from Taobao! Thank you CHome Service for the Taobao support. Update: currently we have the third quadcopter, the F330.

My training quadcopter: test flight (YouTube video)

Cinta (Matt) flew it on campus today. It weighs close to nothing, 103gram in total (with the propeller guards and a tiny camera). We think it is the most sensible way for me to start with, before graduating to Cinta’s (more powerful) quadcopter. Baby steps!