latest evolution of the F450

The current (almost full) F450 set up, except the FPV camera, after endless of iterations and crashes.


Frame: genuine DJI F450

Flight controller: Pixraptor (upgraded Pixhawk)

Speed controllers: DJI 30amp opto (x4)

Motors: QXmoto 4006 680kv (x4)

Props: locally made carbon fibre 1155 T-motor pattern, Tarot self locking prop adapter

Battery: 5400 25c 3s

LEDs: generic RGB

GPS: Ublox M8N

Power module: Happy Model 3amp 5.37v

Landing gear: generic foam padded

Gimbal: generic 2D with Alexmos controller

Gimbal/transmitter battery: Turnigy 800ma 30c 3s

Camera: GoPro Hero4 Black

FPV transmitter: Skyzone TS 5823 mini 200mw

Antenna: 5.8GHz generic CPL

(pssttt, don’t get too impressed. Matt ran me through the specs! )


In the very near future we would like to get a folding carbon fibre frame to take this bad boy to Indonesia in January, main concern is the portability. The F330 Mark I (currently in Nige’s possession in England) used to do the job, but it struggles to take the weight of GoPro and gimbal. The F450 barely fits in the drone backpack, and due to airlines regulations for luggage, we’ll go for a folding frame.

The DJI F450 is our first quadcopter, thank you to our friend Josh. After the F450, Matt (he is the engineer and the brain of all the quads. I am just an aerial photography & videography enthusiast after all) has built a F330 Mark I. Subsequently he built F330 Mark II as the crash quad which I find it more difficult to drive, and now we are waiting for bits of the new racing quad QAV210. Propellers have arrived, they are minuscule!

The F450 is my personal quadcopter and fit my style of flying. It is like a girly quad, easy to control and has lots of fun functions (such as Follow Me, Return to Launch, etc) but also less nimble, less swooshy and less acrobatic. It is the videography quad basically. Matt always pushes me to fly the F330 Mark II (it does not have GPS) from time to time, just to remind me how to fly a “real” quad without an aid from a good flight controller. That’s an update from us. Way to go to be a better pilot, but we’ll keep on trying. Bye for now.

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