New project: Benches in UNNC

Hiya, Today has been a glorious day, the first sunny day after the typhoon. I was wandering around campus where we live, stumbled upon some fantastic scenery of scattered benches, playful light and shadows near the staff apartments. Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, that will a next small project: documenting (bolted down) sitting spaces, particularly Read More

Pilot Study: Call for Participants

What’s next? Choose one of the following: 1. Scan the QR Code 2. Go to the direct link: 3. Email me. Please spread the words.

Crumpled chain

I submitted a proposal for an artwork competition, organised by the library. The idea came on one fine afternoon, I had a chat with Matt about his surplus chain he was holding. His brand spanking new titanium chain. And I said “what can we do with that?”

Research poster competition

A poster about my research I did for a poster competition in July 2014. Good fun, good experience with friends:)

The Showcase Day

The FoSE ( Science and Engineering Faculty) poster competition day. Good day, good experience and lesson learnt!

UNNC FoSE Research Showcase 2014

There is an upcoming PhD students poster competition held by the faculty. Posters have been submitted yesterday and they’ll be put on boards on Friday. I’d rather call it as ‘research showcase’, because of the opportunity to talk to people and peers about research is more valid. So yes, say Hi this Friday 25 April Read More