DigiArchAutumn2011: Week 3- Design Synopsis_Research Interest

1 October 2011.

Green Corner in Kallio – Finland.
Artist: Jon Irigoyen and Otto Karnoven

Grass turf lawn was installed in a parking space creating a temporary park.
  • A breakthrough symbol of relaxing break in the middle of the hectic urban space
  • Alluring art installation to raise people’s awareness of green area
  • Re-used turf
The 2009 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion- London.
Architect: SANAA

  • Seamless boundary between pavilion and landscape
  • Architecture sits in landscape area, and not vice versa
Ann Demeulemeester Shop- Seoul
Architect: Mass Studies

  • Living facade of plants (Pachysandra terminalis)
  • Incorporate as much nature as possible into the high-density urban environment
Field of Light-  Eden Project, Cornwall, England
Artist: Bruce Munro


  • Nature inspired light installation


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