AIA Animal Shelter Design Submission

The Collapsible Bamboo Dog Kennel
The Collapsible Bamboo Dog Kennel design is an outcome of our outdoor life in Ningbo China. With a footprint of 500mmx760mm (550mm tall), it was designed to be 100% backpackable and has two pitching options (for outdoors, perfect for picnics or camping and for interior space) For outdoor use, it works similarly to tents but with a central bamboo pole as a column (Base 1 only) For interior use where knocking the pegs into the ground is not possible, Base 2 is also used in conjunction with Base 1 This collapsible bamboo structure is suitable for smaller sizes of dog, X­Petite and Petite We took inspiration from nature and mother earth. by exploring the Fibonacci sequence computationally and elaborating it into our design which in turn creates interesting spatial qualities The low headspace can be used to store toys and food bowls With the paracord attachments. bamboo poles are can be replaced one at a time This also has a positive impact on a more sustainable product by promoting post sales maintenance Through this design we hope our fluffy companions will be able to enjoy outdoor life as much as we do

We did not win but here is the coverage article:

Thank you AIA Shanghai!

Design by Ben and Mia (Aksen- China and Indonesia)

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