Merry Christmas 2020!

How time flies! Aksen and KALA (our product design line) would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. What a year been for Aksen, through the ups and downs. But we maintain a high spirit in this festive season. I hope you are spending it with your loved ones, and have a fantastic 2021!

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Aksen Tiny House: Questionnaire

In Aksen’s design practice we are questioning a lot of what we know as ways of living in Indonesia. We look at customisable first houses, in the spirit of tiny houses. Most suited for individuals (but not limited to) between 20-30 years old. When maximising limited space takes priority. Personal preferences can be your design parameters which we are building an understanding systematically. If you have 10 minutes to spare, please contribute to our survey (only for Indonesians).

Update: on behalf of Aksen, I would like to say massive thank you for those who spent time on answering our questionnaire. We hit our target (and more) in less than two days. This would not happen without help of the community. We now close the data collection earlier than we planned. A sincere thank you from Jessica and myself.


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Our new brand: KALA

Find us in Instagram @kalaartdecor, in Wechat: kala_artisanal

As a subsidiary of Aksen (Indonesia and China), we launched our dual line brand, KALA. This brand is for our mum, who passed away in November 2019. Her sudden passing was (and still is) difficult for us and it led my sister and I decided to get back to our root. My sister moved back to our home city not long after my mum’s passing and she became the anchor of our brand in Indonesia.

KALA provides high quality stylish home decor and accessories that highlight a few simple attainable changes towards an eco friendly lifestyle that keeps both environmental and human safety at the core of our philosophy. There is always an Indonesian touch ensuring we empower our craftsmen and promote Indonesian culture and craftmanship.

Based on the etymology referring to Wikitionary , KALA means
waktu” in Indonesia or “time” in English. While in Hindi origin word means “arts” or “a skilled craft”. The Javanese handwriting in the logo reflects our roots, our ancestors in Yogyakarta sultanate.

Our products are also in GoEco online platform, an Indonesian based platform for sustainable products.

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