UNNC Color Run: the open day

As part of the open day events, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) where we currently based at, organised a Color Run. Mimicking the official event, staff and students were involved. Matt and I, we both were invited by the people from CRRC and did the run together with some of the CRRC employees who are studying in UNNC, undertaking some business classes.



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Comment box for all UNNC’s doctoral deg students

As a Campus Teaching Committee representative, I am representing doctoral degree students across faculties on campus and set this site up. It has been a difficult journey to find a free forum platform that is accessible in this part of the world (in fact I created several forums), but the wait is over.

Click here to leave thoughts, comments etc. We want to hear your bad and good experiences in UNNC.

Enough talking about me, time to share your ideas and experience. Indeed, the time our voices are heard. Go on then! Note: the girl is not me. It was a template from Wix 🙂

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Call for participants (main study)

Hiya all, thanks for dropping by. I am hope you are reading this because you are interested on joining the study. Here are a couple of options you can choose to be in touch:

1. Email me here: [email protected]

2. Find me in Wechat. ID: miatedjosaputro

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the study. We had some good fun during the pre-pilot and pilot studies, this round it’ll be enjoyable too. Read more about the study here. Also kindly spread the words!

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New project: Benches in UNNC


Today has been a glorious day, the first sunny day after the typhoon. I was wandering around campus where we live, stumbled upon some fantastic scenery of scattered benches, playful light and shadows near the staff apartments. Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, that will a next small project: documenting (bolted down) sitting spaces, particularly views from where we sit. My aim is just simple, trying to step back and appreciate those landscape furniture. I am sure they are there for purpose. The expected outcome will be a kind of sketchy map of UNNC benches and series of photographs.

Your part: if you have any particular benches you often sit on, let me know 🙂 And yes, those benches are limited to permanent benches on campus (University of Nottingham Ningbo China).

Here are some of my favourite shots today:

2- opposite of 1

1- facing staff hotel

5- facing rotunda3

3b- facing rotunda 2

9- facing big lawn 7

6- facing rotunda 4 (some only)


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Ningbo bike route card 1: UNNC – Park Hyatt – UNNC


hyatt route_cover2_contributorshyatt route_1The bike route cards are initiated by John Higham based on his experience biking with a set of printed postcard size cards. We piloted one of the usual route, the loop from UNNC to Dong Qian Lake via Park Hyatt Hotel. The idea is to provide cyclists with visual cues in form of photographs with arrows. It is the shortest route we have so far, if you happen to know more routes, give us a shout.

Find the pdf (23 pages). last modified on 3 October 2016:

edit: 20161003_Bike Route Card 1_UNNC-Park Hyatt-UNNC_low

MapMyRide Link: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/523806116/

Updates: 3 October 2016, corrections on sequential problems.

Please drop a message if: 1) you would like higher resolution pictures 2) would like to borrow printed booklet or 3) update us with the vast changing environment by sending your picture so we can replace them. It is a collaborative effort at the end of the day!

Special thanks to contributors as mentioned on the booklet.

Bfn. Mia and Matt.



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Crumpled chain

Mia Tedjosaputro_A3 PAPER_artwork competition

I submitted a proposal for an artwork competition, organised by the library.

The idea came on one fine afternoon, I had a chat with Matt about his surplus chain he was holding. His brand spanking new titanium chain. And I said “what can we do with that?”

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