NBU Digital Architecture: Assessment Documents

Hi all, this page is where the assessment documents and updates will be communicated. Assessment 1 is designed specifically for this challenging time, taking into accounts the Doodle poll that only 40% of you have access to the software. Peer assessment link will be published in Week 13. Assessment 2 is a reflective report on your computational design thinking practice throughout the semester.

I would suggest to read these documents by the beginning of Week 8, so that you have a full picture of the upcoming assessments to be able to plan them better. Refer to Week 7 materials for the theoretical lenses underpinning the assessments.

1_DG_assessment brief_general ed2

2_DG_assessment 1

3_DG_peer assessment

4_DG_assessment 2

5_DG_assessment 2- grading rubric

6 DG_provision of feedback

Re assessment timeline, please refer to the first document (the general brief). In case of extenuating circumstances, please contact me as soon as you can. Email or WeChat me.

Dr. Mia A. Tedjosaputro
Module convenor and facilitator, spring semester 2020

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