Batik as a storyteller of Indonesian culture

Batik illustrates the use of traditional hot melted wax and natural dye pattern making.

Infography by KALA

Did you know Indonesian Batik has more than 5,849 patterns and this figure is increasing as time goes by? Indonesia is an archipelago country that has 13,466 islands and 640 local languages ​​(source: UNESCO). This is one of the main reasons why Indonesia is a country that is very rich in culture. The difference between its regions can be seen from the uniqueness of each batik pattern.

Each batik pattern represents the culture of each region, and each has meaning interpreted through strokes, colours, dots, and other elements in the batik pattern.

For example, Papua, the easternmost region of Indonesia, has the ‘cendrawasih’ bird (‘bird of paradise’) of which the majority live in Papua. Because of that, they designated ‘cendrawasih’ birds for their batik pattern as something to show their identity. Meanwhile, Bali is a region that is surrounded by the sea. The main livelihood of the Balinese people is fishing. Therefore, we can see fish and shrimp in their batik pattern ‘ulamsari mas’ batik. And there are many more.

Indonesian Batik also has developed over time, from ancient batik that can be worn only by royal families, to contemporary batik that anybody can wear. Even though there are many modern batik patterns out there, the process by which each pattern of batik is born is what makes batik feel so authentic. The culture that batik brings, the life story, moral messages contained in the batik pattern- that’s what makes batik special.

Indonesian batik has its own charm that can be interpreted in many forms- it can either make the wearer feel royal, composed, elegant, glamorous, or even cheerful according to the whim of the maker.

Photo by Mahmur Maganti on Unsplash
Photo by Camille Bismonte on Unsplash

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Text by: Jessica Laksono


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