Update 2: Completed Bamboo Pod 1

Just a quick update on the bamboo sitting pod #1, our trial exercise. Four of us (Zheng, Maxine, Matt and I) completed it in two days despite the heavy downpour. It was completed faster than we planned. The structure stays there as the owner would like to keep it (we planned to take it down straightaway), hence temporary structure support stays for redundancy.

Before we launch the second construction this month (July 18th), here is a gif of the first pod encapsulating the process. And some paps of the final pod.

Sponsored by Aksen (China and Indonesia).

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First bamboo architecture project in Siming Mountains

What will we build? A sitting pod using locally sourced bamboo poles in Siming Mountains.

Timeline: 25 June – 2 July 2020

Background: Aksen (China and Indonesia)’s summer research and hands-on digital design activities. Due to the pandemic, Matt and I will be spending the three months summer in China this year, not in the UK; so we laid out a busy (and productive) summer with multiple projects.

For this bamboo building exercise, we need approximately 10 volunteers for our first bamboo building simple structure (which I am happy to inform we have reached the number), which entails a trifold research agenda (in computational design, embodied creativity and design pedagogy). We’ll also get to expand our knowledge with Weishun and he might also bring some students from Zhejiang University. It is a small step in a right direction as I have this in mind for more than a year. Hence I joined the BambooU course and Digital Futures workshop in mixed reality in 2019 to fill in the blanks. This project serves as a datum line for our future research in mixed reality (with Hololens), we’ll get to observe and document on-site problems before addressing them with mixed reality. We’ll also get to make lots of mistakes along the way.

Please get in touch for the T&C. Follow our progress and learnt lessons along the way via my IG’s stories.

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CCNB (Creative Community Ningbo) 2019 exhibition

CCNB is a melting pot of ten designers from ten countries. I exhibited one bamboo installation and two bamboo woven artworks. CCNB (Creative Community Ningbo) is an active community for local and expat artists who currently reside in Ningbo. The exhibition was on for two weeks and CCNB hosted an opening party on 24 May 2019. Thank you all for coming!


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Happy Christmas

This Christmas I made some laser cut baubles, putting my rusty AutoCAD skill to use at last 🙂 Made around 650 of them in total for the Christmas market and personalised orders. 22 meticulous design and A-Z. Anyway, here is hoping for a Merry Christmas and have a fantastic 2019! Cheers.

20181126_poster new 2b 20181126_poster new 3 20181126_poster new 8 20181126_poster new 7



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Life Cycle 7 Endurance Ride 2017

It is that time of the year again, Life Cycle time. The 4 days endurance ride covering up to 540km in Zhejiang province. We will be riding next week, from October 3rd to 6th. A much bigger riding team (18 cyclists) and a logistics team. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meanwhile, here is a glimpse of the endurance ride last year (LC6).

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Drawing Circle 2 Mini Exhibition and the Opening Party

It was a wrap. This is the end of second year of the drawing circle, and I am happy to say that am glad I initiated the circle two years ago. Thank you for all sketchers, contributors and special thanks to James Johnson-Perkins for the music. I hope you all had a good time!! Links and some prep posters leading to the event as follow. Check out the time lapse video too, an embedded Youtube video.  The sketches will be exhibited at the gallery until June 10th, feel free to pop in. Click here for more information about what is the circle all about.

dwg circle exhibition_1_2+BLURB












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Research seminar: Friday, May 26th

A quick heads up about an upcoming research seminar on a short paper I just submitted. It is part of my methodology exploration of my PhD project, illustrating a possible use of developed JavaScript program of adapted coding schemes. The developed scheme recognises distinctive processes within Cognition, Body and Environment categories. Linkography can be drawn within these categories with degree of flexibility in terms of data presentation. In this paper, a forty-five minute verbal data derived from a sketching session is used to illustrate to possible use of the program. The online program (hosted in Github) is in early stage of development and feedback is very much appreciated.

Date & time: 26 May (Friday) 2-3pm

Venue: PMB (previously SEB) 409, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Topic: Cognition beyond Designers’ Thoughts, an Aid to Investigate the Interplay of External and Internal Processes


Note: the first program was developed last year to help to illustrate links between design moves, click here for more information. It is based on Linkography (developed by Gabriela Goldschmit), but in a very basic term. The program generates links’ illustration between moves rather than inferring links manually.

Big thank you to Haozhe Zhang.

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Drawing Circle 2 Exhibition- Venue

Map to the exhibition venue (an alley opposite Incity- Yinzhou district):


“Visual brain spew in a collective sketchbook!” is what the Drawing Circle in a nutshell.

SAVE THE DATE: 27 May 2017 at 6:30-8:30pm for the opening party. It is open to public and free admission, drinks can be purchase on the spot. Meet the sketchers (first and second year) and like minded people. The event is supported by Plus- furnishing and decor art and myself as the curator. All artworks courtesy (and made by) 12+1 sketchers who shared the same sketchbook for the last year.

The 12 sketchers are: Clotilde Sun, Yasmin Morgan, Esther Li, Jasmin Song, Zhan Xu, Elenor Smith & Elsa Smith, Kashan Sing, Troy Chen, Jon Castro, Gabriella Buttarazzi, Amarpreet Gill and Garima Gupta.

About the exhibition: This mini exhibition is fruit of the collective and collaborative effort of 13 sketchers (the loving sisters Elenor and Elsa shared the book) over a one year period. The drawing circle idea is: 12 sketchers, sharing the same sketchbook, with each sketcher keeping the book for a month. Afterwards, the book was passed to the next person until the end of the year.

Link to the Drawing Circle page  click here

Link to an introduction of the second year in Ningbo Guide June 2016 click here

A glimpse of the exhibition venue click here.

Link to previous event last year, the Ningbo Local Drawing Circle 1 mini exhibition (photography and video) click here

When the Drawing Circle was started in March 2015. It was adopted from Brew Drawing Circles. click here.


The second year’s sketchbook video (YouTube):

Bye for now and hope to see you there. Mia.

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