New project: Benches in UNNC


Today has been a glorious day, the first sunny day after the typhoon. I was wandering around campus where we live, stumbled upon some fantastic scenery of scattered benches, playful light and shadows near the staff apartments. Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, that will a next small project: documenting (bolted down) sitting spaces, particularly views from where we sit. My aim is just simple, trying to step back and appreciate those landscape furniture. I am sure they are there for purpose. The expected outcome will be a kind of sketchy map of UNNC benches and series of photographs.

Your part: if you have any particular benches you often sit on, let me know 🙂 And yes, those benches are limited to permanent benches on campus (University of Nottingham Ningbo China).

Here are some of my favourite shots today:

2- opposite of 1

1- facing staff hotel

5- facing rotunda3

3b- facing rotunda 2

9- facing big lawn 7

6- facing rotunda 4 (some only)


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October 31st: dyeing class on campus

If you are interested on joining the blue dyeing class on the above mentioned date, give me a shout! I am just facilitating Ming Shu (workshop lady) and Syd the teacher to come on campus (UNNC), as I thought it will be fun. The next one will be leather course, all being well. stay tuned.

Link to the materials in Taobao is here.

Background information from online source: Designsponge, The Etsy blog and Alice&Lois.

Pictures are taken during the workshop I attended in Master T studio a couple of weeks ago.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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MAD Talk 5:

MAD (My Awesome Doctoral) Talk is organised by some doctoral degree students in UNNC to promote cross-disciplinary research environment.

MAD Talk 5 “The use of sketches and mental imagery in the ideation process: A pilot study.

Abstract: The research focuses on exploration of the design process in the early design stage. Different modes of representation are utilised during this stage, however, comparison will be conducted only through external and internal representation. The role of free-hand sketches is evidently indispensable, but the use of mental imagery and their interplaying roles are always assumed but not thoroughly observed. The aim of the research is to provide empirical evidence of the interplay and also to contribute to addressing the difficulty in measuring mental imagery. Protocol studies were conducted in two different environments, with and without sketches.


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23-24 May 2015: Cycling and camping trip- aerial footage and pictures

The third cycling and camping trip went really well. Selected pictures of the previous trip is here. On the trip last weekend we took one of our quadcopters, the F330. One of lots of videos is embedded (VPN is needed). Good fun, great time and fab company. Let us know if you are interested on more trips to come. Or contact the captain: [email protected]. Bfn!





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Cycling and camping trips

This trip is the second trip Simon Dawson has organised. Contributing on the catering side, it was a fun experience to brainstorm about feeding a big group of peeps. Each trip progresses, in terms of efficiency and speed. Matt and I have camped countless times in Europe and here in China, when it comes to food, we know exactly what we want: a hot cheesy pasta. Which sometimes for a big number of people is rather less feasible.

So for this time I came out with this menu:

  • Dinner: cheeseburgers with homemade patties (made patties a day before), the classic mac+cheese and jacket potatoes
  • Nibbles: tried the chocolatey banana split and the ultimate marshmallows on sticks. Subsequently Spencer and the guys went out for more tatties and fire wood, bless them!
  • Breakfast: omelette in bags (Ida and I tried this a day before, with Ida’s meticulous skill on checking the eggs) and quick oats.

Thank you internet for providing accessible online recipes and made recipes research a lot easier. What kind of excitement for the next one? Contact Simon Dawson if you are interested, May the 16th and 17th.


Good to have a beer with view before cracking on with the cooking and stuff!



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Pick-a-Something Purple Photo Walk

The weekend.

The weather is nice but I am injured, so am not capable on joining the morning cycle with the boys. So yesterday I had a last minute idea about going to a photo walk. Pick-a-something challenge, means I picked a colour and spent an hour hunted and papped anything with a chosen colour. I chose purple, not earth and ubiquitous colour so that it forced me to consciously kept on looking. Qingqing joined me and chose green. Taking place in Gu Luo (The Drum Tower), Ningbo. I was really impressed on how fast my eyes are able to scan objects and find THE colour. 

Here are some of my favourite shots.

purple13  purple15 purple12purple1 purple2 purple3 purple5 purple6 purple10purple14purple11

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