Drawing Circle 2 Mini Exhibition- Sneak Preview

The second year of Ningbo Local Drawing Circle is coming to an end soon. Similarly with last year, we will be exhibiting the work which has been produced by 12 sketchers + 1 montage work as an introduction to the second year. The plan is before the summer break starts, the opening party will be on May 27th. An exclusive sneak preview of the gallery/design company/cafe; Plus- furnishing decoration and art; is here. This is going to be the end of the local drawing circle journey for me, hopefully we will see you there! Similarly, there will be an opening party and it will be opened for public. Stay tuned for more details of the event.

Click here for what is Drawing Circle year 1 and year 2 all about.

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Note: Last year’s opening party coverage and timelapse can be found here.

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Drawing Circle 1 mini exhibition 22 October: Maps and pictures.

I cobbled together an overall map to show where the exhibition place (Da Bu Li Yuan) is and a more detailed map. It is not far from Shangrila Hotel, Ningbo.

Please ask the taxi driver to drop you at Dabu Park (Dabu Gong Yuan), 48 Dabu Street (Dabu Jie). Jump off, go through the park until you see a Chinese flag on the sky and walk further until you find an access door to Da Bu Li Yuan. The place is a gem in the middle of the city, trust me. Follow the map with pictures. That’s the easiest way to get there, although not the only one. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via Wechat ID: miatedjosaputro .

22 October, the opening party will start at 5pm. Until 7pm. Free admission; booze and other drinks are available for purchase. Weather permitting, we will have a beer garden set up.

22 October- 5 November, you can drop everyday from 10:30 to 22:00, but the access door from park won’t be opened. Go through the park until you find another park’s exit, and turn right (Nandabu Alley). See the last picture on this article.

Information about the Ningbo Local Drawing Circle can be found here. The event only exhibits the first year drawing circle’s sketches (of 12 sketchers), individual posts can be found on the same page, here. Please scroll down. Doodles courtesy of 12 sketchers.

20161009_zoom out + in map 20161009_map with picture20161005_dwg circle 1 low NOTICE ON THE DOOR low The last picture is if a notice if you’d like to come from October 10th – November 5th but the access door from Dabu Park is closed. Carry on walking until you find another entrance which will lead you to Nandabu Alley, then turn right.


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The Drawing Circle mini exhibition’s party: October 22nd

Mark the date guys, October the 22nd! I have posted about the quirky establishment (click here) which will be the venue of the mini exhibition. Lovely lovely place downtown, perched in the middle of city’s hustle and bustle. The October 22nd is the opening party, and the drawings will be exhibited for the next two weeks. Each sketchers’ selected doodles will be displayed, and there will be a couple of artists exhibiting their projects too. We might purchase some beer and finger food from the bar; and we will turn the outdoor bit into a beer garden on that Saturday (weather permitting). Stay tuned for more details.

Would like to sponsor us? Ping me.

Would like to give us a hand with the prep? Ping me.

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Life Cycle 6: 4 days ride

Life Cycle 6 China: Cycling for Education Equity.

Yes we made it. University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC)’s provost Chris Rudd was accompanied by nine riders (including myself) and embraced 535km bicycle journey. Ended up with 560km at the end. What was the route? It was a tour of Zhejiang province: Ningbo- Shaoxing- Hangzhou- Zhuji- Tiantai- Sanmen-Ninghai- and back to the university.

Life Cycle is an annual campaign event in University of Nottingham UK, and this year is UNNC’s second year. History of Life Cycle events for the last six years, click here.

UNNC Life Cycle 6: For some cheeky updates about pre-rides, prep and the four days ride; follow the journey on #unnclifecycle6 (in F*cebook) or #unnclifecycle6 (in Inst*gram).

Click here to meet the team and ways to donate. Image courtesy of Tao Wu and the university’s website.

Six minutes Youtube video is embedded as below.

Here are screenshots of the Insta feed (updated after the event).

insta latest 1 insta latest 2 insta latest 3

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Angklung goes to HD Ningbo

An article written by me about a fun afternoon introducing angklung, a traditional bamboo shaker instrument. Commonly found in South East Asia including Indonesia, we (GKI and Djas Merah) hoped that our audience enjoyed the sound of angklung. As Indonesian, I had a go since I was a little kid in elementary school. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about angklung ([email protected]) and hope you have a pleasant read. Bye for now.

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UNNC Color Run: the open day

As part of the open day events, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) where we currently based at, organised a Color Run. Mimicking the official event, staff and students were involved. Matt and I, we both were invited by the people from CRRC and did the run together with some of the CRRC employees who are studying in UNNC, undertaking some business classes.



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Life Cycle 5 China registration link and route

Uni of Nottingham- Life Cycle 5 China’s registration is up, peeps! mark the date: 18 October 2015. route is the usual Dong Qian Lake loop via Park Hyatt loop. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch, i can pass messages to Matt or contact other team members! biking for a cause.. yes please!

Information about the project can be found in the university website, click here.

Link to register is here or scanthe QR code in the poster.


I am re-posting this bike card link in case anybody is in a need to find your way this Sunday (18 Oct). Click here for the original bike card article:


Clickhere for the map (in MapMyRide):


Safe ride guys!


Image and poster courtesy of Mia Tedjosaputro.

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New project: Benches in UNNC


Today has been a glorious day, the first sunny day after the typhoon. I was wandering around campus where we live, stumbled upon some fantastic scenery of scattered benches, playful light and shadows near the staff apartments. Absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, that will a next small project: documenting (bolted down) sitting spaces, particularly views from where we sit. My aim is just simple, trying to step back and appreciate those landscape furniture. I am sure they are there for purpose. The expected outcome will be a kind of sketchy map of UNNC benches and series of photographs.

Your part: if you have any particular benches you often sit on, let me know 🙂 And yes, those benches are limited to permanent benches on campus (University of Nottingham Ningbo China).

Here are some of my favourite shots today:

2- opposite of 1

1- facing staff hotel

5- facing rotunda3

3b- facing rotunda 2

9- facing big lawn 7

6- facing rotunda 4 (some only)


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