3d Printing Pen

photo courtesy of: Lix. Lix, the sleek 3d printing pen which let you doddle in the air! It looks like a pen and a successor of the previous (and first) 3d printing pen, 3Doodler. Having it all handy! A throwback and also can be found in my old post, I had some great experience in Read More

DigiArchSpring2012: The Final Decision

9 May 2012. there you go, another final decisions.. wish the design can still be improved here and there, but that won’t happen, will it? i have selected some of my favourite images from my portfolio booklet, although bits and bobs are not perfect. i would like to thank my tutor Chantelle Niblock for the Read More

DigiArchSpring2012: Integrated Timber Lattices

9 May 2012. testing out the integrated timber lattices system with various arrangements of social space.. the developed structural system was not factored in, and yet to be confirmed (very soon!). note: supposedly, #4 is a green cage. creepers will be planted soon  

DigiArchSpring2012: Density Study 3- Physical Models

9 May 2012. after i tested them out in Rhino, i moved on to physical models to give me more ideas about opening quality, atmosphere and scale. models were made in 1:50 scale, and there was a slight scale error due to materials limitation. and option (1) is still my choice.

DigiArchSpring2012: Sectional Study

24 April 2012. more study about details are needed especially the joints between timber + concrete deck. the lattices need to satisfy these aspects: structural stability, functional purpose, smooth and continous look.

DigiArchSpring2012: Unresolved Timber Structure

31 March 2014. i have been struggling for quite sometime pertaining the main structural issue. there are comprimises to make between aesthetic versus structurally well functioned elements. well, time to move on and do more research, really.  

DigiArchSpring2012: One Day Workshop- Perspex

31 March 2012. further from previous social study, i extracted seven type of various frames based from a singular frame. it varies in terms of opening, paralel with social needs. i had an opportunity to use laser cut machine during the one day workshop, and explored perspex.

DigiArchSpring2012: Series of Engaging Activities

31 March 2012. After discussions with Martin Knight (Knight Architects) and Ho-Yin Ng (Amanda Levete Architects), i did a quick social study for this bridge project. it is kind of a personal reflection and self imagination with what i want to do as an admirer of Oxford’s beautiful and breathtaking River Thames. After a couple Read More